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Our Service Charter

SLS Service CharterAll members on our register have agreed to uphold the standards set out in the following "Service Charter".

Their contractual obligations are to:

  1. Contact the customer as soon as possible – this must not be any later than 48 hours from receiving the enquiry (excluding weekends where applicable).
  2. Inform the customer immediately if they are unable or unwilling to undertake the proposed work and then refer the enquiry back to
  3. Only undertake work that falls within their professional competence and exercise due care and skill at all times.
  4. Arrive / be available at the AGREED TIME for appointments and give advance warning of any unavoidable delay.
  5. Treat customers with courtesy and respect and act responsibly and professional at all times.
  6. Supply a clear and detailed breakdown of costs including all taxes and other costs that may apply or affect the final price, including deposits or staged payment information. 
  7. Give the customer an expected date for when they will receive a quotation and ensure that it is delivered by that date.
  8. Ensure that the service you provide commences and is completed on the agreed dates / times and that any unavoidable changes are clearly communicated to the customer.
  9. Complete the work / service to the highest possible standards.
  10. Agree guaranteed elements of work with the customer (if applicable).
  11. Supply a clear and detailed invoice/receipt for all payments received in line with item 6 above.
  12. Deal with any complaints and /or disputes as quickly as possible.

It is also their responsibility to:

  • Comply with all statutory laws in connection with their business.
  • Only employ staff that are qualified and hold the appropriate certificates.
  • Maintain requisite certifications in accordance with their profession.
  • Maintain adequate “employers, public and professional indemnity insurance”.
  • Ensure that employees or anyone representing their business meet these standards at all times.
  • Obtain feedback from a minimum of 8 customers within the annual membership period. 
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