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Posted on: 21st January 2018

Simple steps to get your finances in order – professionally and hassle-free

TALKING about death and what happens to our estate and assets when we are gone isn’t your typical daily topic of choice or conversation.

However, as uncomfortable a subject is may feel to discuss, making a Will and financial planning for the future are highly important – if not for ourselves, but for the loved ones left behind in avoiding more heartache for them in the event of any probate requirements.

Financial Planning is an ongoing process to help us make sensible decisions about money that can ultimately help us achieve our goals in life.

It’s not just about buying products like a pension or an ISA. There are many decisions which we have to make during the course of our lives, and at significant life stages, that means carefully planning our cash.

There’s choosing the right mortgage; saving or investing for our family, and protecting them in the event of the unexpected, and let’s not forget about planning for later life and retirement.

There is also the legal side to consider. It may be a surprise to know that – according to research – only one in four people aged 55 and over have a Will, a legal document which determines who receives your assets and estate when you die.

And while many of us don’t feel comfortable about talking openly on the subject of Wills – or Lasting Power of Attorney – a greater understanding of the process and banishing the taboo could prevent your affairs being left in the hands of strangers when you die.

Will making is certainly not just a thought that should be reserved for the older generation. In fact, making a Will or an LPA while younger, healthy and of sound mind can allow you to get your finances in order and continue to enjoy your life – knowing that things will be taken care of when you are not long able to or have the mental capacity to do so.

Other important topics can include; wealth preservation, inheritance tax and planning/ paying for your funeral.

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