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Review of recommended hypnotherapist in Bourne

Review Date:
1st May 2018


I have seen Nicole for ongoing hypnotherapy sessions when going through big life changes for issues relating to stress and self-confidence.


Nicole is incredibly personable yet professional. You get a free initial consultation with her which is fab and she explains really clearly and simply how she works which puts your mind at ease.

Whenever you visit you feel as though you get a very personalised session specific to you and feel as though you?re getting value for money.

Calm, fun and experienced approach.

I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Review of recommended hypnotherapy treatment in Bourne

Review Date:
30th April 2018


I have been visitng Nicole for around two years with my two daughters. 


Nicole is an inspiration to me and my family. She has breathed fresh air into our lives and changed our whole family unit completely. 

I cannot believe that we were once a chaotic, challenging and rather hostile family group to one that is now full of happiness, love and respect for one another.

Nicole truly is one of life’s individual angels and she has made an enormous difference.  

My girls even look forward to going to their sessions which has become the highlight of the week for the youngest of the two.  

I cannot say highly enough or put into words how grateful I am for her patience and understanding and for the work she has put in. 

I recommend anyone needing extra help to consider Nicole because she is so gifted.

I have recommended her to lots of people and they would happily echo my words.

Thank you so much.

Review of recommended hypnotherapist in Orton, Peterborough

Review Date:
26th April 2018


Hypnotherapy treatment. 


I first went to see Nicole to help with a smoking habit, which was pretty much sorted after a couple of sessions, but then other issues started came to light which I wanted to get ironed out.

Nicole has a very warm, non-judgmental manner about her and I can tell her anything without fear. She is very valuable to me and she helps me to cope with my everyday life.

She has helped me calm down, say no, live my life to the full for myself and basically relax and enjoy myself more.

I could go on, she is fantastic, wonderful and I would recommend everyone to go and see her. 

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