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HR Consultancy in Peterborough and surrounding areas

What makes us different? The personal touch. We get to know our clients and the advice and support we give is tailored to their specific needs. What’s more, we say it how it is; no-nonsense, no jargon, just straightforward advice with practical tools to carry it forward. Our step-by-step instructions ensure you stay compliant and risk-free, and gives you the tools and confidence to manage your people to drive your business results.

We will work with you through the whole employee life cycle, to:

  • Attract the right candidate that fits with your culture, who possess the right skills, knowledge, behaviours and characteristics to get the job done.
  • Provide an effective induction which welcomes your new employee into the team and business whilst providing the required level of training to ensure a faster integration and competence within their role.
  • Develop and manage the performance of your employee by engaging in development processes. These include; regular reviews, improvement plans and succession strategies.
  • Manage employee turnover by promotion or exit from business

To discuss any requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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